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17 February 2012

I'll Love You Forever: Make me laugh... in bed.

My husband makes me laugh. All the time. I think I make him laugh pretty often, too. Especially lately. We share the silliness of best friends and always have. I think we always will.

Pardon my explicit honesty in the coming story.
I usually don't discuss happenings in the bedroom. At all.

Last week we were just hanging out being married and started kissing on the couch. It got frisky so Shawn headed to the bedroom while I put the dog in her crate. I came into our bedroom and he was completely covered with the blanket from his neck to his toes. I pulled the blanket back from his feet. Bare feet. I knew he was naked.

Before I jumped in bed I giggled and told him how sexy his bare feet were.
You see, we have this "thing" about wearing socks in bed while we, ahem, don't sleep. We joke that it "doesn't count" or it's a specific kind of sex instead of just the regular kind, "Sock Sex."

After the deed we discussed how surprised we were with the effects of our no-socks-sex conditioning. We both agreed, laughing, that seeing the other barefeet makes our minds wander now. Walking around the house on the weekend barefoot is liable to get you talked into a distraction.

After laying there for a bit being snuggly Shawn sat up and made a "pop" noise with his lips.
 I asked "What it that supposed to be?"
"Ping pong?"
"What, are you making fun of my cyst?"
"Well, you know that's the relative size of it and if it was moving around during... I thought you were making fun of it by imitating the sound it'd make!"
"HA! Nooo!!!"
*both die with laughter*

As I think back to our silly post-loving discussion I can't help but think this could take on a whole new meaning after children... imagine exchanging glances on the couch amidst piles of laundry while watching the TV and the baby loll on the floor. I slip my socks off deliberately and raise an eyebrow at Shawn... he returns the gesture.

Bed time. For all.

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Jamie said...

OMG I love this! That is so funny about the socks in bed as my hubby and I wear socks to bed all the time. . .even during. . .well you know. I love that you two have this playful relationship and girl, this story will be forever burned in my brain. When I ask hubby to take off my socks tonight, it will take on a WHOLE NEW MEANING!!!