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10 January 2012

Ideas for a Nursery

Several things have been decided:
  1. Baby will be conceived (Jah-willing) in the last half of the year! YAY!
  2. The office will be the nursery instead of the spare bedroom.
  3. The nursery will be painted the loveliest shade of pastel aqua EVAR.
Source: via HiLLjO on Pinterest

The idea I have for the room is based off of this photo. It is gender neutral but brightly-colored and I really love the more basic feel coming from the rug. I would like a seahorse pillow for the chair instead, like this one from crabbychris on etsy:

Source: via HiLLjO on Pinterest

I like the idea of seahorses and I'll tell you why: it is one of the only species to share "normal" gender roles. The female actually does not give birth to the babies; she deposits the eggs into the male's "stomach" and he carries the babies to term and "gives birth" to them.
We just plan to raise to think that neither mommy nor daddy are "supposed" to do X and not X. Shawn and I want the children to know they can do and be anything they want with the body they are born with. I'd love a future female racecar driver, firefighter or stay-at-home mommy. And I'd equally love a future male model, fashion designer or auto technician (like daddy). They will be taught by daily example when they see daddy do the laundry because it needs to be done, and then see mommy do it the next week. No job is 'beneath' either of us; if it needs to be done it gets done!

I found some rugs to emulate the one in the photo above and I have to say, this one is my favorite:

Shawn loves Ska bands and I love them now, too. A really popular thing to see at shows is black and white checkered belts, wallets, shoes, etc. It's only right for a ska baby to have a ska rug in the nursery. The coral is inspired by Shawn, too; I associate him with the color red-orange and it just works here! I love the Behr paint color cool lava for the coral accents and Pittsburgh Paint's Summer Breeze.

MMmm... future mama likes.

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Diana Mieczan said...

Oh my goodness, this post melts my heart! I love the colour you chose and that room looks incredibly sweet! I am so excited for you, sweetie. Muah