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11 January 2012

How long is too long to keep up Holiday Lights?

I read this article on a family, the Morgans, who refused to take down their lights at first because Mrs. Morgan loved them, and then out of spite for someone who complained BETWEEN Christmas and New Year's. While I think Mrs. Morgan has the right to keep them up all year because she loves them and  the family is paying their bills and taxes, I don't think doing it for spite is the right reason.
But it sure is kind of funny.
I think you should be able to have lights up all year if it pleases you, but I'm not in a position to point any fingers. Our house is still bedecked with one strand of old school amazingness and a snowman on the front door. To our defense our holiday season just ended on Saturday.
We'll take them down most likely this weekend. But no one has been so nosy as to ask us to do that.

When do you take down your lights (if you decorate) and how long do you thing is "too long?"


The Vintage Modern Wife said...

hah i love it! she has the right to keep them up however she wants. we actually took down our christmas stuff last weekend. we dont have outside lights because we're in an apartment, but i feel as though if we did have lights, we'd take them down the same day we take down christmas stuff in the house.

HiLLjO said...

That's a pretty good time frame. We took half of ours down last night; it seems we have some self-removing decor this year! Looks better down...LOL!